Meet our Teachers

Teaching Staff

The faculty at TVPS is highly qualified and experienced. They have a vast knowledge and believe in imparting wisdom and knowledge to the children. They adopt a holistic approach towards teaching students. They work upon practical methods to impart quality education to the students. They facilitate not only teaching and learning but also act as a guide and mentor to the students. The equilibrium between academics and co curricular activities is rightfully maintained by the teaching faculty. They propel the students to take part in various activities like the different clubs and other co curricular activities to ensure the overall development of the children.

The teaching fraternity is bound by good work ethics existing in the school due to which they collaborate among themselves to evolve as one colourul thread that weaves the student community together and prepares them for the years to come.

Hardeep Updated
Mr.Hardeep Singh (Principal)
Principal (DMS, M. Sc. (Maths), B. Ed.)
Ajay Kumar
Mr. Ajay Kumar
PGT (Physics) (M. Phill, B. Ed.)
Ms. Karuna Kumari
PGT (Chemistry) (M. Sc., B. Ed.)
Mr. Abhishek Thakur
PGT (Commerce) (M. Com.)
Mr. Amin Chand
PGT (IP) (M. Tech CSE )
Mr. Ranjeet Singh
TGT (Mathematics) (M. Sc. ,B. Ed.)
Ms. Sunita Devi
TGT(SSC) (M.A., B. Ed.)
Mr. Bhagwan Dass
TGT (Hindi) (M.A., B. Ed. )
Ms. Sushma Kumari
TGT (Arts & Hindi) (M.A, B. Ed.)
Ms. Diljit Kaur
TGT (Punjabi) (M.A., B. Ed.)
Ms. Rupinder Kaur
PRT (B.A., B. Ed.)
Ms. Seema Devi
PRT (Hindi & SSc) (M.A., B. Ed.)

Senior Leadership Team

Designation Name Qualification
Principal Mr. Hardeep Singh DMS, M. Sc. (Maths), B. Ed.)
PGT (Physics) Mr. Ajay Kumar M. Phill, B. Ed.
PGT (Chemistry) Ms. Karuna Kumari M. Sc., B. Ed.
PGT (Commerce) Mr. Abhishek Thakur M. Com.
PGT (IP) Mr. Amin Chand MTech(CSE), B. Ed.
Mr. Ranjeet Singh TGT (Mathematics) M. Sc. ,B. Ed.
Ms. Sunita Devi TGT(SSC) M.A., B. Ed.
Mr. Bhagwan Dass TGT (Hindi) M.A., B. Ed.
Ms. Sushma Kumari TGT (Arts & Hindi) M.A. (Hindi), M.A. (Visual Art), B. Ed.
Ms. Diljit Kaur TGT (Punjabi) M.A., B. Ed.
Ms. Rupinder Kaur PRT B.A., B. Ed.
Ms. Seema Devi PRT (Hindi & SSc) M.A., B. Ed.


It is easy to seek admission in our school. You can fill the form given on the website and wait for us to get in touch with you.

You can also call the school reception desk and seek for clarifications. Our contact details are available on the website. The admission counselor will attend to you in detail.

You need to submit a birth certificate if you are seeking admission from Kindergarten to Grade I.

From Grade II to Grade XII you have to submit the following-

a.   A copy of the report card of the previous school.

b.   Transfer Certificate-Original

c.    Photographs

There are a plethora of activities available in the school and they are free of cost. Special coaching is available for the students at no extra cost.

The session begins in the month of February every year.